How to Keep Your QuickBooks Online Data Safe?

How to Keep Your QuickBooks Online Data Safe?

QuickBooks Online has no doubt simplified the accounting and financial tasks but the safety of the data remains a cause of concern for all the users of this Software. Most of the QuickBooks users are in a dilemma whether their data is safe or not.

We know that your QuickBooks Company File contains sensitive information on your Computer systems.   There may be employees’ social security numbers, credit card numbers of clients, and lots of other personal details.

God Forbid if this data is stolen by hackers, It could create problems for you, your employees and as well as for your clients. The data stored on computers connected with your QuickBooks Support can also be lost or damaged due to software or hardware failure. It can spell a disaster for your business.  You could lose your data via fraud, hacking or due to a software crash.    You can call a QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number for the recovery of your data but it will be extremely difficult for you to recover from this loss.

Here are some of the most vital tips by QuickBooks Support team to safeguard your QuickBooks Online data:

  1. Restricted Access

You may have the utmost trust in your employees but there may be black sheep among your staff who could misuse internal data to commit fraud.  They can leak credit card details of your clients to outsiders and withdraw money from company accounts. The best way to avoid this data breach is to restrict the employees’ access to the areas containing sensitive information. Visit Company Menu and choose Setup Users and Passwords. Then tap on Add User and enter that particular employee’s credentials.


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  1. Keep Your Software Updated

It is always advisable to keep your software and operating system update, not just for QuickBooks but for every other computer program.  Software companies announce updates for their Programs from time to time.  Most of the updates are just meant to enhance the security of your program and safeguard it from new threats. You should install a powerful anti-malware or anti-virus to prevent viruses and malware from attacking your data.

  1. Don’t Open Harmful Sites

Excessive browsing of suspected sites opens a gateway for dangerous malware and viruses that can spread around your office like a cold virus.  So as a boss or manager, it is your responsibility to keep a watch on the browsing habit of your employees inside your office.  You can’t restrict your employees from using the internet as some of them need the internet for research and other purposes.  You can prevent them from doing unnecessary browsing.  You can take help of monitoring software that will alert you to problems.

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  1. Create A Backup Of Your Data

Proactive bosses around the globe create a backup of their data to fight data loss and theft. You should create a backup of your data on a local portable device. But don’t leave that disk in your office.  If you are not using QuickBooks for some time, log out of the software for that period. In short, you should take the security of your QuickBooks data seriously in your organization.


  1. Call QuickBooks Help Number

Call QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number if you fear a data security breach.  The experts at QuickBooks support service will provide you help to secure your data from the hackers or the intruders.



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